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MASN-Conference in Kautzen 2012

January 23, 2012 2:41 pm

Welcome to the 10th MASN conference homepage!

The 10th Moving Anthropology Student Network conference will take place from the 6th to the 10th of June 2012 in Kautzen, Lower Austria.

The aim of the 10th MASN conference is to explore collectively consciousness from different angles, which will be gathered through the participation of students from different countries.” The conference program will be drawn from the creativity of the participants and their theoretical and practical contributions. Some directions could be given through themes like “Theories of Consciousness”, “The Senses”, “Altered States of Consciousness”, “Intersubjectivity”, “Consumption”, “Perception”, “Cosmology”, “Consciousness for the Shared World” and many more.

Call for Papers

We invite you to submit an abstract of your paper up to 300 words long (preferable in English) to this e-mail address

Don’t limit yourselves to presentations – you can submit an idea for a workshop, round-table discussion, a fringe event or practical experience… We count on your creativity and strongly encourage events that can be taken outside.


29th April 2012 for the submission of your abstract (you can find an application in our download section!)

!!!As long as there is space for more participants we are taking in further applications. But please try to register before the 5th of June!!!

Participation fees

- 20 Euros for Presenters

- 40 Euros for Participants

(accommodation and food are included)

you can find the application form in our download section!